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Essbase ASO Allocation

What is Hybrid Aggregation Mode Hybrid Aggregation Mode is an option applied to BSO Essbase cubes that combines the strengths of BSO and ASO into single cube. In simple terms, the bottom of the cube is BSO, while upper-level sparse member combinations are calculated dynamically… Like ASO...

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The Fundamentals of Revenue Forecasting Understand thoroughly how sales channels work and how prospects become customers. On a high level, many companies develop sales forecasts by applying an expected or desired market growth rate to current year revenues. These forecasts are then substantiated...

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Hyperion Disclsoure Management Report Manager

Introduction This chapter comprises of Report Manager features of creating report and adding standalone doclets to it and granting access to user. Prerequisites:- Concept of Document management Components of Report Manager Master Document (Can be Your Last report) A Master Document...

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Oracle PBCS Driver Base Planning

What is Driver Based Planning Driver-based planning is an approach to incorporate assumptions of business activities in financial plans. These assumptions are key drivers which are modeled to drive financial data such as revenue and expense estimates. Benefit of using Driver Based Planning...

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PBCS Creating Standard Application

Workshop Objective This workshop walk you through with the step by step way to create a sample application. Below topics will be covered in it. About Creating an Application Selecting the Application Type Creating a Reporting Application Creating a Sample Application Creating a...

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Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service EPM Automate Data Export

Overview EPM Automate is considered to be a replacement of MaxL in cloud environment. It provides all facilities to manage day to day admin activities. Using EPMautomate all commands can be executed through batch or shell script. This way one can utilize conventional OS level functions along...

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HFM Calculating Retained Earning

What is Retained Earnings? Generally, retained earnings is a corporation's cumulative earnings since the corporation was formed minus the dividends it has declared since it began. In other words, retained earnings represents the corporation's cumulative earnings that have not been distributed...

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Data Loading Into HFM by FDMEE

Set up the source and target systems. As previously, one can load data into HFM, using direct data load load. or even smartview can be used. Unlike with load rule, in FDMEE the Data and Metadata is loaded into staging table and followed by target application. One has to register the source...

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HFM Calculating RoA

Definition Return on assets (ROA) is a financial ratio that shows the percentage of profit that a company earns in relation to its overall resources (total assets). Return on assets is a key profitability ratio which measures the amount of profit made by a company per dollar of its assets....

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HFM Smartview DataForm

Working with Forms in Excel Forms are grid displays in which you can enter data into the database from Excel and view and analyze data or related text. Certain dimension member values are fixed, giving you a specific view into the data. In forms opened in Smart View: You can modify...

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