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Oracle Fusion Application (OFA) is a portfolio of a suite of software applications from Oracle that includes modules on financial management, Human capital management, Customer relationship management, Supply chain management, Procurement Management, and project portfolio management. Leverage the power of Oracle Fusion Applications, integrate with existing systems, and provide customized services to design your Fusion architecture.

How To Start Your Journey To The Oracle Cloud

Human Capital Management

Customer Relationship Management

Oracle ERP Financials Cloud

Human Capital Management

Fusion HCM solutions provide users with the information they need, enable them to act in the context of meaningful business data, and understand the expected outcomes of these actions. Simple smart navigation that makes it easy to run complex workforce processes that are easily customizable to manage everything from multi-tenant global organizations to small businesses.

Key Offering
  • Robust workflow, approvals, and delegation engine
  • Composite, role-based, interactive views of worker information
  • Comprehensive Position Management
  • Automated roles provisioning
  • New hire monitoring
  • Intuitive support for complex global transfers
  • Predictions and analytics embedded in business processes
  • Role-based dashboards with embedded analytics
  • Interactive visual org charting
  • Best-fit analysis to identify most qualified workers
  • Real-time side by side worker and job comparisons
Solution Highlights

This feature allows you to seamlessly manage employees, contingent workers, and others within your organization who may have simple or complex global working relationships with your organization.

A single global personal record tracks information about an employee or temporary employee. You can then link a person's records to multiple work relationships in your employment model. This reduces administrative overhead while increasing data integrity and providing improved reporting.

This model is designed to support simple or complex global working relationships. Hiring structures are designed to increase accuracy and reduce confusion across different operating models. By segmenting validation data into logical groups, organizations have the flexibility to create contextual selection lists for appropriate use across lines of business or geographic locations.

These features include global formatting for names and addresses for over 200 countries or territories, compensation information in local currencies, time zone support, language translations, tracking of citizenship and visa information, and robust documents of records tracking with scanned images and key data monitoring. This allows for an organization to manage, track and deploy Human Resources globally.

Workforce modeling allows companies to plan, model, and implement organizational changes such as reorganizations and major changes that achieve business goals defined by an intuitive process. Workforce Modeling uses a comprehensive decision-making and approval framework to provide enterprises with a single, easy-to-use tool to support the most complex organizational changes.

Changes and extensions to the application are saved as a new layer on top of the delivered objects, providing flexibility in an "upgrade-safe" way. Extending your Fusion HCM application is easy with the Fusion FlexField feature and web-based page, process, and reporting capabilities.

Changes and extensions to the application are saved as a new layer on top of the delivered objects, providing flexibility in an "upgrade-safe" way. Extending your Fusion HCM application is easy with the Fusion FlexField feature and web-based page, process, and reporting capabilities.

This feature provides strategic transparency. This strategic insight into your business includes all views from past to present and forecast. The ability to analyze past trends and understand the impact of market changes on the current organization, and the ability to visualize the changes proposed to the organization to meet business goals and objectives.

Customer Relationship Management

Fusion CRM improves your company’s sales performance and business insights by giving you more control over your customer data. This is a modular suite of CRM components developed as a complete sales solution for your existing CRM application portfolio.

Fusion CRM is the best solution for synchronizing business processes from sales, marketing to customer support. You can effectively manage your company’s business activities to reduce marketing costs and optimize customer service. We have an experienced team with deep knowledge of CRM across multiple domains, technologies, methodologies, and tools. By integrating advanced CRM into your IT environment, we help you collect and analyze customer information more effectively.

Fusion CRM enables businesses to:
  • Have consolidated companies, invoices, and contact information for a 360° view of customer data.
  • Combine customer information and product master data with other CRM processes, including partner management, incentive rewards, and more.
  • Combine quota management with sales territories management.
  • Help companies optimize resource allocation.
  • Improve lead generation and help salespeople focus more on solutions.
Fusion CRM application modules include
  • Fusion CRM Base
  • Enterprise Contracts Management
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Quota Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Opportunity Landscape
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Sales Catalog
  • Sales Predictor
  • Territory Management
  • Customer Data Management
  • Transactional Business Intelligence for Customer Relationship Management

Cloud Financials

Oracle ERP Financials Cloud enables modern finance by providing comprehensive support to global companies in all industries. With Oracle Cloud ERP Finance, you can address challenges such as accounting and general ledger optimization, expense processing automation, new KPI reporting, and compliance with new revenue recognition guidelines. Oracle Financials Cloud has features such as general ledger and analytics, payment accounts, and assets, Income management, accounts receivable, collection, expense, and accounting hub.

Why Choosing Oracle Financials Cloud?

Many businesses are facing growth constraints because their financial system isn’t capable enough to handle dynamic and diverse business requirements. With Cloud Financials, companies expand into new markets that support multiple ledgers, currencies, entities, and accounting standards, process large volumes of transactions at high speeds, and automate processes in-house, taxes, and automated payments.

Standardized processes and a central financial architecture ensure accurate data is recorded in the general ledger. This allows users to quickly find and resolve issues using a modern user interface and simplify journaling, coordination, and integration using automated processes.

Confidently generate reports with self-service and mobile access to real-time information and quick access to all reports from the Financial Reporting Center. You can create your own reports with 30 customizable segments for each chart, and use the built-in Oracle Essbase to deliver fast and efficient reports.

Quickly identify and resolve exceptions with a self-monitoring process that guides users where to go and what to do. Intuitive, interactive analytics can speed up decision-making. You can use Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Microsoft Excel to analyze your GL balances by various parameters.

  • Easily prioritize tasks
  • Get In-Depth
  • Intuitive and interactive display of financial information

Quickly assess period close status with an intuitive dashboard, achieve fast and accurate closes with the built-in assistant ledger, and resolve issues quickly with built-in collaboration features.

  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Integrated Assistant Ledger
  • Drill down on pending transactions
  • Communication management

Reduce manual entry costs by eliminating errors with invoice visualization, optical character recognition, and intelligent document recognition. Powerful mobile capabilities allow you to authorize expenses and streamline customer payment processing from anywhere.

  • Automatically scan supplier invoices and correct errors
  • Automatically process customer receipts and optimize payments
  • Eliminate manual cost entry

Services Offering

Design & Implementation
Our team’s in-depth knowledge and subject matter experts help in designing the most efficient and effective solution for your business needs. Our certified professionals will implement the solution in a cost-effective and timely fashion which will help you in quantifying the returns.

Oracle ERP Cloud Assessments
Conducting an ERP health check can provide you with the insight and knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding governance, opportunities, risks, and investments. During your assessment, our team works with you to:

  • Define business goals, strategies, and needs
  • Inventory current state of ERP system
  • Define gaps, duplication, and inefficiencies
  • Prioritize business needs
  • Assess cost, risk, and dependencies
  • Combine business and IT priorities
  • Document a strategic roadmap
  • Update and validate the roadmap (ongoing)

Integration and Data Management
Integration and data management with the cloud becoming the strategic solution from oracle, we implement data and metadata integration between cloud and on-premise applications. A well-designed data integration process can help the business in planning, budgeting, analyzing, and reporting data from disparate sources including your ERP system.

Additional Support Services Include

  • Upgrade consulting and support
  • Getting the most out of ERP Cloud
  • Increasing business benefits from the system investment
  • Gaining efficiencies and standardizing processes to accomplish business need
  • Fully leveraging the tools available with the software
  • Identifying solutions
  • Assistance with transitioning to the new system

Managed Services

Application management services can increase productivity, mitigate risk, and reduce time to value. Increased business concerns, complexity, and unpredictability have redefined the concept of application management services (AMS). Enable business transformation through increased speed and efficiency, cost predictability, and continuous operational visibility and monitoring.

  • Documentation of your business goals
  • Current IT landscape
  • ROI calculation
Help businesses to serve our services?
  • Meeting business needs without service disruption
  • Lower cost of ownershi
  • Grow your business by supporting your business
  • Ensure application control and visibility while reducing costs

We understand the complexity associated with managing different cloud applications and are able to seamlessly support an efficient and secure platform. Helps improve product availability, accuracy, test frequency, reduce maintenance costs, and mitigate risk. Xenon, an automated testing tool, runs tests on all applications and provides results from numerous frameworks. Prioritize by reducing maintenance costs, saving time, minimizing effort, and improving ROI.

Reduce manual entry costs by eliminating errors with invoice visualization, optical character recognition, and intelligent document recognition. Powerful mobile capabilities allow you to authorize expenses and streamline customer payment processing from anywhere.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Security surveillance
  • Remote system administration