NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Implementation

10 weeks implementation plan

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting is a world-class modern, flexible planning and budgeting solution powered by Oracle cloud technology. It facilitates a wide range of planning and budgeting, including operational expense planning, capital expense planning, personnel planning, revenue planning, and financial statements, along with highly interactive rich dashboards.

Services NetSuite Planning/Budgeting

What Our Offer Consists of
  • Create budgets and forecasts
  • Plan revenue and expenses
  • Forecast cash flow
  • What if-scenarios
  • Advance Dashboard
  • MS Office SmartView integration
  • Reporting actual results and budget to actual or forecast to actual variance
# List Of Deliverables Hours
1 Build application with one Planning cube for Financial Planning. 16
2 NetSuite Integration with PBCS with drill through enabled.
3 Dimension build from NetSuite up to three dimensions ( Account, Entity, + one Custom Dimension) 32
4 Data load setup from NetSuite ( Exchange Rates, IS transactions, BS Transactions, BS BegBalance)
5 Develop basic script logic and basic business rules ( Aggregation, Calculate Opening Balance and Closing Balance for BS accounts, Retained Earning calculation)
6 Standard foreign currency translation of input currency to US Dollars 16
7 Develop up to 3 Hyperion Financial Reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, CashFlow) 24
8 Develop up to 8 web forms.
9 Implement planning for two scenarios ( Budget, Forecast) 96
10 Implement standard Bottom-up planning approach.
11 Develop the business process workflow.
12 Develop user security using Out-of-the-Box functionality 4
13 Complete unit, system and integration testing 8
14 Provide one End-User "Train-the-Trainer" session to allow the client to train end-users. 10
15 Provide application knowledge transfer
16 Provide users ad-hoc reporting capabilities using Smart View
17 Provide an application build for up to 2 years of historical data 12
18 Documentation of Step by Step User guide and Application design document 20
19 Automated data and meta data load from NetSuite 24
20 Approval Process Management using Out-of-the-Box functionality 10
21 Variance Analysis and Reporting (Variance Dashboard, Actual to Forecast Current Month, Actual to Plan Current Month, Actual vs Prior Forecast Current Month,YTD Actual vs Budget Current Month,YTD Actual vs Forecast Current Month) 40

Advance Driver and Trend Based Planning

Modern FP&A teams require an on-demand continuous planning process, where various business scenarios can be played almost in real time. This driver base lets you do financial forecasts and plans on operational drivers or activities. Driver-based modeling allows you to identify correlations and the “cause-effect” relationships between independent drivers and dependent outcomes.

# List Of Deliverables Hours
1 Adding a new dimension from Netsuite 16
2 Creating a Financial report with low complexity apart from above listed reports ( ie Act vs Bud variance report) 8
3 Creating a Financial report with high complexity apart from above listed reports ( ie Moving average report) 16
4 Creating a web form apart from above mentioned web forms 3
5 Create alternate reporting hierarchy. 16
6 Security setup using custom groups based on entities 24
7 Administrator Training 10
8 Admin guide ( Step by Step) 24
9 Modification in a saved search in NetSuite as per target PBCS application 3
10 Implement Top Down planning 40
11 Modelling Driver Based Planning 80
12 Trend Based Planning 80

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Implementation