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About Free-Form Mode

In ad hoc analysis, if you are familiar with the dimensions and members of your database, you can use free-form mode by typing dimension and member names directly into cells. You can still use the POV, member selection, and other ad hoc operations in free-form grids.

Free-Form Guidelines

1.  Grids do not need to start in cell A1.
2.  A grid must have at least one row dimension and one column dimension.

3.  Each row dimension can contain members of only one dimension. Each column dimension can contain members of only one dimension.

4.  Members of one dimension can be entered only in one of the following regions:

1.  In the same row

2.  In the same column

 The replacement labels specified in the Data Options page of Smart View Options apply in free-form mode.

5. Numerical entries are identified as data in the data region, and as comments outside the data region. If you want to use a number as a member name, precede it with a single quotation mark; for example, '100.

Free-Form Grid Examples



Comments in Free-Form Grids

  • Between row dimensions
  • Between column dimensions
  • Between page dimensions
  • Between dimensions and data cells
  • Interleaved with members of page dimensions
  • Interleaved with members of row, column and page dimensions
  • Further, comment rows and comment columns can be interleaved with row and column dimensions.
  • To the left, right, top, bottom of the grid.

Comments in Blank Rows and Columns


Comments Inside and Outside of Grid Boundaries

Formulas in Free-Form Grids

You can enter Excel formulas in cells that can contain comments.

Creating Free-Form Reports

To construct a free-form report:
1 Open a worksheet and connect to a data source.
2 In the worksheet, enter member names according to the rules specified.

3 Members may have duplicate names (for example, both East and West markets may contain a member named Portland — Maine and Oregon). To enter a duplicate member name:

             In Financial Management, the Member Name Resolution window is displayed if the member you enter has a duplicate. From the drop-down list, select the dimension of the member you entered and click OK. Repeat as necessary.
4 Refresh the grid, or select Ad hoc analysis.
5 Perform further ad hoc operations and formatting as needed.


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