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Businessmen publish whitepapers to educate their customers and clients about a particular issue or explain and promote a particular methodology. They are considered as one the advanced problem-solving guides. They are used to entice the potential customers to learn more or purchase products, technology, service, and methodology that company used to merchandise.

Technically, there is no minimum requirement for whitepaper but it does not mean anyone can call anything a whitepaper. Otherwise, we risk confusing our customers and losing credibility. We develop white as per the Industry standards.

  • Length: No less than six pages. It includes charts, illustration, and references
  • Structure: We follow the decent flow in whitepaper creation. We follow the sequence as a title page, content table, abstract, introduction, and descriptive information pages. Our whitepapers also include hypothesis of solutions, real-time examples, and conclusion.
  • Style: We use serious, well-written, well-edited professional pattern for white paper development. The typography standards are strictly followed to design page layout, fonts, colors, and images.

How are Whitepapers Different?

Yes, whitepapers are marketing tools, they are different from other marketing materials like brochures and magazines. Generally, magazines and brochures are more flashy and include exact sales pitches while our whitepapers are intended to provide factual evidence to prove particular offering is a valid method of solving a challenge or an issue. Our white papers are written in academic style than other marketing materials.