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Why Tableau?

Tableau provides fast, accurate and actionable data visualization to propel a client’s Business Intelligence needs beyond standard reports. At the heart of the powerful tool is the immense flexibility and the easy on the eyes UI that helps the management to quickly decipher value from tons of data.

Fast Implementation

Tableau comes with in-memory architecture which allows live data analysis from different data sources or data warehouse and also allows deep dive analytics or blending of data with ease.

Interactive Dashboard

Tableau dashboards offer multiple views, are highly interactive, have easy filters, and offer insights in a single view through use of beautiful visualizations, optimized color schemes, automatic chart types and elegant designs.with ease.

Tableau Server Installation

We will be helping you in implementing tableau server environment including large scale tableau deployments which let you work remarkably well in order to get the implementation going right.

On Demand Ad-hoc Analysis

Tableau allows you to conduct dynamic data filtering, trend splitting across categories, in-depth cohort analysis, geographic analysis, trend analysis, regression analysis, correlations, statistical summaries, and a lot more. It gives you full control to manage and slice your data the way you like. BISP can build the on-demand data visualizations you need in hours instead of days.

Multitude of Data Sources

We are not only known for creating dashboards with exceptional visualization and usability but also known for our ability to include almost any kind of business data from a variety of sources. The list of sources is quite comprehensive and will connect any type of data to this single BI platform.

Tableau Training Services

One of the best things about Tableau is its ease-of-use, however, becoming well versed in the tool takes time. Tableau is basically designed for letting you make perfect interaction with the data in natural and logical way. It has a user friendly interface which has strong and powerful data analysis engine. We provide you the perfect power which opens limitless ways for data analysis. Tableau has so many capabilities which allows the people learn it effectively.

BISP offers virtual training classes,Individual training or corporate training on various topics that take your Tableau knowledge to the next level.Our team has an ability to provide the best training through their multi-industry tableau training experience.