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QlikView is a Business Intelligence product for creating analytics applications and dashboards for business challenges. Our QlikView dashboard consulting service helps businesses succeed and grow by use of smart decision making.BISP has deep expertise in Qlikview implementation, customization, integration and management for your specific business requirements. BISP Solutions provides Business Intelligence consulting with Qlikview.We help clients who love to outsource their Qlikview consulting services and BI tasks such as generating insightful BI Dashboards, produce cost effective Data visualization methods and give effective BI solutions.With BISP you can deploy object reuse strategies to accelerate your Qlik implementation, meaning you can achieve reporting at the speed of business, faster.

Our highly trained staff are not just technology enthusiasts but business problem solvers. We recognize that technology is an important piece of solving your business challenges but not the main driver behind what makes the solution successful. Our ten years of experience working in varied industries has helped us gain a keen insight into what works and what doesn’t. Through our Business Intelligence Lifecycle Delivery methodology, we’ve been able to create giant accomplishments from small successes, and we can do the same for you.

Why Qlikview?

Qlikview provides fast, accurate and actionable data visualization to propel a client’s Business Intelligence needs beyond standard reports. It helps user gain unexpected business insights. It is an In-Memory tool where all data is loaded in memory and available for instant associative search & real-time analysis with a few clicks. It can be used in any environment and can connect with almost all kind of database available in industry.

Benefits of Qlikview

Following are the key benefits and features of Qlikview

High-performance analytics platform

In-memory indexing automatically builds and maintains all data relationships from multiple sources for unrestricted exploration.

Automatic Data Association

QlikView server itself capable of recognizing the relationship between each piece of data that is present in a dataset. Users do not need to preconfigure the relationship between different data entities

Quick Calculations

As the data is held in memory, calculations are done on the fly. No need of storing pre-calculated aggregate values.

Data Association

The association between data is not shown by arrow or lines but by colors. Selecting a piece of data gives specific colors to the related data and another color to unrelated data.

QlikView Development and Training

If you are new to QlikView and want to evaluate it, let us help you solve a data problem that is impossible or impractical in another tool. BISP can offer application design, development and support along with customized QlikView training and mentoring.

Qlikview Integration

QlikView can unlock data trapped in multiple sources, integrate with and benefit from existing corporate applications and security systems which all contribute to reduced systems management time and enhanced productivity.