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Oracle BI – Product Benefits

The Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite offers applications for small, medium, and large enterprise organizations with a focus on sales and support. The Salesforce CRM solution has abilities that include marketing automation, sales management, customer service, and partner relationship management. These applications help your company to track sales lead, manage customer accounts, conduct and monitor marketing campaigns and provide service post sale.

Salesforce CRM synchronizes contacts, emails, calendar, and tasks in applications. Salesforce CRM solution for small organizations enables users to manage contacts, tasks and events, track sales deals, harvest leads and track performance. The Salesforce CRM solution for enterprise edition covers business workflow, API integrations, call scripts, team-selling functionality, approval and automation management, and more.

What does Salesforce CRM Solution do?

  • Connects you with entire team from any device i.e smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablet
  • Actively tracks and manages information of customers
  • Provides instant insights and recommendation
  • Smartly captures customer emails
  • Streamline repetitive tasks so that you can focus on business leads

Why Salesforce CRM Solutions?

  • CRM throws away the outdated methods and manual that you can get on with business
  • Provides one place (cloud storage) to store all customer information so that conversation are always personal, up to date, and relevant
  • You will find more leads, gain more leads, and expand your business by retaining more customers
  • Makes perceptive decisions