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Make Informed Business Decisions based on High Quality Data Analysis
R is one of the open source programming languages creating a buzz in the arena of business Intelligence and data science. It is a software environment designed for performing statistical computing and graphics. It is famous for its capabilities including data wrangling and munging that help reshaping data into a useful information for analysis. Integrating R with BI, we deploy a robust technology driven process that precisely analyze data and provide actionable information to help our clients take more informed business decisions.
R go beyond just a statistical solution while supporting various areas like data analysis, statistic and machine learning. BISP exploits the capabilities of R to help you in your excel your business with the road man directed by BI.

Multiple Calculations

R has been designed to perform multiple operations in a single step. This exceptional feature of r makes it as an extremely useful tool for data analysis. It is a vector-based language that enables applying functions to the entire vector without explicit loops in a single processing.

More than just statistic

The creator of R had developed it for simplifying statistical data analysis. Over the time, they have expanded the capabilities of R. Today, it not only help in performing any sort of statistical computation but also graphical visualization, data analysis, and processing.

Engine for BI processes

With its broad range of statistical tools, R serves as an engine for various processes related to BI. It covers various BI functions including information extract, loading, and presentation.

We combine our knowledge in r programming with our business experience to offer a profound understanding of BI solution.