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Affordable BI

In the initial days of Business intelligence technology design for large organizations with big budgets and plenty of IT support. With the invest of new generation BI and data visualization tools (Tableau, Qikview and Tibco spotfire), it offer highly affordable BI solutions to small and midsize businesses. New generation BI has gone mainstream and that trend has led to plenty of low-cost, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-manage BI options.

What we offer

BISP consultant draw the roadmap to your organization to access, analyze, explore and visualize your business data without the need of hiring data scientists. We are specialized in handling data in the form of web analytics, point-of-sale, data, email and direct mail campaigns, employee performance, supplier history, customer demographics, or any other form of data which is not very obvious to analyze directly. We can come up with specialized plan based on your business needs to convert data into insightful information which make sense to you. We can build a model to handle disparate data sets and returning information or intelligence that your businesses can use to make more informed decisions. Our consultants are variety of solutions to offer you, starting from Excel based rich dashboard design to highly interactive Dashboard, rich data visualization and exploration.

Key Features

  • Easy adoption through a Spreadsheet-like interface for data addition and report creation.
  • We simplify importing of your existing tabular/non tabular semi-structure data in Excel, Open Office, CSV, TSV and HTML file formats into reporting system.
  • Supports charts, pivot tables, tabular reports and dashboards.
  • Share & Collaborate your data and reports easily over the Web. You can also notify reports via email.
  • Easily scales for large data sets.
  • Optimized for fast & quick reporting.
  • Highly Secure through user logins.
  • No Maintenance required