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Oracle Hyperion Essbase is a multifaceted Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database server designed to help companies to foresee possible levels of business performance and conduct “what if” analysis for varied conditions. It brings robust analytics and enable businesses to conclude results, access different business scenarios quickly and analyzes trends by performing what-if analysis. It performs as a base for Oracle Hyperion Planning and contributes in analysis and reporting. BISP team has achieved a great experience in implementing Hyperion Essbase applications. We are well conversant with the key features of this industry-leading product. We are ready to fulfill all your needs regarding Hyperion Essbase.
Essbase provides an ideal environment for developing enterprise performance management and custom analytics applications. Let’s check out its key characteristics.
Advanced Forecast Engine

Hyperion Essbase comprises 350+ prebuilt unique functions that make it a highly advanced engine to perform calculations. It helps in accelerating the development of a complex business model. Data and business rules can be managed easily from a single location.

Empowers Hyperion Planning

Essbase fuses the calculation power into Hyperion planning to carry out allocations, predictive planning, and intricate revenue identification planning.

Multidimensional Extensions and Representations

Essbase is a multidimensional OPAL server that store data in the form of dimensions which facilitate instant represent the product, a time period or customer. It enables users to use metrics or drives to estimate the future results. Furthermore, users can perform What-if analysis for various scenarios and stay prepare to deal with bitter business conditions.

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can help you understand the overall capabilities of Oracle Hyperion Essbase and how it can support your finance vision. Also, we can help you set up a strategy for offering faster, relevant data to management and eventually make more out of your finance IT investment.