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Hyperion Finance Management and Reporting
Are you in the search of a powerful tool for your organization’s financial consolidation and reporting needs? Hyperion Financial Managment (HFM) is a perfect solution to accomplish your objective. It is designed for your finance team to instantly consolidate and report financial outcomes. HFM uses cutting-edge technology, thus provides the industry-leading application. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge in HFM, we can help companies implement HFM solution successfully. Let’s check out key advantages of Hyperion Financial Management.

Faster Financial Close Cycle

Your Financial team can shorten the cycle of generating actual results and give more time to forward-looking tasks. HFM is a part of Hyper Financial Close Suite that boost the efficiency of your organization with high-quality automation.

Reduce the cost of compliance

With HFM, you can automate your manual procedures that ultimately reduce processing timing and save auditing cost. It helps in reducing control risk, thereby reduce compliance cost.

Easily get operational insights

HFM enables you to get in-depth insight into performance metrics by combining financial as well as non-financial results. Moreover, you can easily evaluate consolidated data across many dimensions defined by users comprising company, customer, brand, and product.

Intercompany Transaction Matching Module

HFM facilitates the process of identifying and reporting transaction level intercompany account differences. You can effortlessly recognize, match, and fix these differences across currencies.

Access information anytime, anywhere

Hyperion Financial Management is a web-based application that makes it possible for the users to input consolidate data and access financial information safely from any location at any time while using any standard browser.

Robust and user-friendly reporting & analysis tool

HFM comprises Hyperion Financial Reporting Enterprise Edition and Hyperion Smart View for Office which facilitates information entry and reporting. These elements are designed specifically for the finance team as well as individual use. Users no need to have any programming or IT management expertise.

HFM also includes Oracle Financial Management Analytics that produces pre-defined as well as customized dashboards generated by users directly from the data available in HFM. Users can access these dashboards also from their mobile devices including iPhones and iPads.

As a leading application embraced by many organizations across the world, Hyperion Financial Management provides companies with out of the box information in an instant and cost-effective manner. It ensures report accuracy and compliance, thus help you make better decisions and deliver better results.