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FDMEE is Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition. It depends on Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and act as the engine that extracts data and metadata from the defined sources. FDMEE and ODI then populates the Performance Management Architect (PMA) interface tables or Classic applications with the extracted artifacts. When FDMEE is installed the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installer installs ODI and also configures the ODI Master and Work Repository and ODI J2EE Agent as part of installation process.

How FDMEE and ODI Work?

FDMEE and ODI are useful products with a lot of features. The different menus, setup screens, and options within FDMEE and ODI are stunning. This is why the job of leveraging FDMEE parameters to filter data sets can be a great learning experience. The process will help you to understand the connection between FDMEE and ODI objects.

FDMEE report is an OEM version of Oracle BI Publisher. The best advantage of BI Publisher is that it sets apart the query design from the report layout design in the translation files. During runtime, they are imported together to generate a report output. The enterprise edition of BI Publish is very powerful and provide you with a huge number of sources with several layout design tools and layout templates. It will help to produce many different report outputs to a variety of destinations.