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Data visualization is key in transforming business strategy to reality as it allows understanding where a company or division needs to focus. No more waiting on IT to get the insights you need. With new data visualization tools, you can connect to the on premises or cloud services you rely on to instantly get results. Data visualization enables users to view & understand vast amounts of information regarding operational and business conditions. It allows decision makers to see connections between multi-dimensional data sets and provides new ways to interpret data through heat maps, bullet charts, and other rich graphical representations. Businesses that use visual data analytics are more likely to find the information they are looking for and sooner than other companies


Inability to interpret and leverage your available data

Current team too focused on getting the data right with minimal focus on data visualization. Lack of end-to-end view: How data is collected, normalized, transformed and consumed by different business users

Inability to translate business requirements into right / useful / timely data visualization

Dashboards are not focused on the end users needs

Lack of bandwidth or staff in-house with adequate capabilities on the platforms or tools, leading to poor execution and low adoption, and by extension, low ROI on the platform / tool investments

Data Visualization Using:

R Programming

BISP offers complete EPM and training services.


BISP offers complete EPM and training services.


BISP offers complete EPM and training services.


BISP offers complete EPM and training services.