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Hyperion Disclsoure Management Report Manager


This chapter comprises of Report Manager features of creating report and adding standalone doclets to it and granting access to user.

Prerequisites:- Concept of Document management
Components of Report Manager

Master Document (Can be Your Last report)

  • A Master Document acts as a container file for subdocuments called “doclets.”
  • Doclets can be Ms Word, Excel Document with or without Taxonomy.
  • A Disclosure Management document becomes a Master Document when at least one doclet is inserted into it.
  • A doclet is a separate Microsoft Word or Excel file that includes selected data that you want to include in the Master Document.

Creating Master Document

  • Connect with your server
  • Register your report( Master Document )with Server
  • Add Doclets to report
  • Standalone Document
  • Document have associated Taxonomy Accessing report from user account
  • Other Features

Creating Master Document:-

  • Take a Blank Document
  • Connect with your server using admin Account
  • SmartView->Disclosure Management Report Manager and Register Your Master Documents

Register your report using Register – SEC-10K

Add Doclets to Report

1. CheckOut Sec-10K report

2. Go to Specific Part of Your report where you want to add doclet

3. SmartView->DM report->Use Edit buttons to activate more buttons

4. Choose File System   

5.Browse to you doclet, Succeful Completion will report header in [square braces]

6. Adding one more document by using step 4 and 5

7. Done Button will add these documents to report

Add Doclets to report

10. Check In from DM

Accessing it as user

  • Login into DM and Verify that all work as expected
  • User should be able to check new version only of document “About BISP”
  • and can read “Introduction to SEC-10K”.

Granting Access to users

1. Select Explorer

2. Select Report SEC-10K

3. Select Report on which you want to give access

4. Select Properties

5. Select User, Add it and grant access (R,W,E)

6. Save it.

7. Select Doclet and step 4 to 6 to grant access.

I gave READ access on first doc and R+W on Second


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