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HFM Calculating Retained Earning

What is Retained Earnings?

Generally, retained earnings is a corporation's cumulative earnings since the corporation was formed minus the dividends it has declared since it began. In other words, retained earnings represents the corporation's cumulative earnings that have not been distributed to its stockholders.

The amount of retained earnings as of a balance sheet's date is reported as a separate line item in the stockholders' equity section of the balance sheet.

A negative amount of retained earnings is reported as deficit or accumulated deficit.

Order of Preparation


HFM Application Metadata



Custom Procedure RetainedEarningsCalc()

Sub RetainedEarningsCalc()

Dim REValue

REValue = HS.GetCell("A#Netprofit.C1#TotalProducts.C2#TotalCustomers. C3#TotalC3.C4#ClosingBalance.I#[ICP None]")

If REValue < 0 Then

HS.Exp "A#RetainedEarnings.C1#[None].C2#[None].

C3#[None].C4#Decreases.I#[ICP None] = -1 * "& REValue

ElseIf REValue > 0 Then

HS.Exp "A#RetainedEarnings.C1#[None].C2#[None].

C3#[None].C4#Increases.I#[ICP None] = "& REValue

End If

End Sub

After Consolidation the Below Output Received.

Balance Sheet Structure

Difference Between Retained Earnings & Net Income

The primary difference between retained earnings and net income is time. Net income is the bottom-line profit your business earns for a given period. Retained earnings is the accumulation of those earnings over time to reinvest in the business or to maintain as a safety net.

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